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Rich D - Producer/DJ
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Lance Cashion: the Sound
10.22.04 Track Featured on Proton Radio CD
Today the long awaited Proton Radio mix compilation was released! Not only is this significant for electronic dance music, but also for including [Rich D - Sunrise Girl] as a track on disk 2, along with many other great artists. The CD is titled "The Sound" and mixed by Proton vet, Lance Cashion. More information and the official press release can be found at Proton Radio & Progressive-Sounds . Download the tune at Beatport.com

Rich D at the crosswalk

09.23.04 SITE REDESIGN!!
Welcome to the new site layout! In an effort to bring you as much info as possible, the design has been streamlined into an easy navigation menu without the bulky Flash animation. All new sections have been added, including charts and mix show details. Feedback is always accepted and welcome, so go to the [connect] page and don't be shy! Thanks for the continued support!


Partnered with FUEL Chicago

09.28.04 New Independent releases:
** Rich D - A Cut Above**
** Rich D - In Fear**
** Rich D - Stealthside (Rich's Invisible Mix)**
Downloads available on request.

09.14.04 Mix Show Premiere!
SHADOWS with Rich D + guest DJs
at www.tuneexposure.com. Details on [shows] page.

09.14.04 New release:
** Ozgur Can - Connected (Rich D's Severed Link Remix)** [CP Recordings]
Download at www.beatport.com

08.17.04 New release:
** Rich D - Crazy Girl (Craziness in 2004 mix)**
** Rich D - Crazy Girl (Original mix)**
[CP Recordings]
Download at www.beatport.com

07.05.04 New release:
** Rich D - Breaking Voices (Fragile mix)**
[CP Recordings]
Download at www.beatport.com
(reached #4 on Top Downloads)

03.15.04 RICH D remix signed to CP Recordings
** Halogen Vs Nash T. - On A Bridge (Rich D Waiting For You Mix) **
Released on their new digital label, this is only available online! Download at www.beatport.com.
Thanks to David @ CPR, and LikWit @ Trance.nu.

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